Driving Lesson Prices


MANUAL BEGINNERS OFFER - £75 for 3 hours, then £39 per hour (in MANUAL cars only, NOT AUTOMATICS) - TRY US & SEE!!!

Automatic lessons are ONLY AVAILABLE IN BEDFORD and do NOT qualify for our Beginners Offer. Automatic lessons are £40 per hour.

We'll give you 3 full tuition hours for £75. The standard rate of £39 per hour will then apply. There are no strings attached... if you're not delighted you don't have to take any more lessons. We're very good at what we do and pupils rarely leave us after 3 hours.

This offer is ONLY available to Beginners with NO experience. To all others, the standard hourly rate will applies.

We want you to try the ClickDrive difference:- that's why we're offering such a competitive offer to get you on-board.

Remember, our goal is to get you to Test Standard in the MINIMUM possible number of lessons...... so, you'll end up with a MUCH SMALLER bill than if you go to one of the "cheap" schools.

After you've had the 3-Hour Offer, you can have 1-hour lessons if you wish, but please be aware that a "standard" lesson with ClickDrive is 2-hours long (currently £78). This is because you'll learn much more quickly with the 2-hour lesson format and you'll need many fewer hours overall. You'll save a great deal of time & money.

You pay nothing at the time of booking. On your 1st lesson you pay your Instructor by cash, bank transfer