The ClickDrive Way

Driving Lessons with ClickDrive

Our goal is to create the best Driving School out there!!

We promise to get the maximum progress for you out of each and every lesson

We promise to get you to Test Standard in as few lessons as possible

And we promise we won't sell you any lessons you don't need

We know that learning to drive isn't cheap, so we try to offer the best possible value for money you can get. We want you to be so happy with your ClickDrive learning experience that you'll recommend your friends to us.... that's the secret behind our rapid growth.

ClickDrive helped me pass my driving test!

The main reason I chose ClickDrive for my driving lessons in Bedford was because I wanted a local driving school who could help me pass my driving test first time. I also wanted a driving school who offered great value for money.

I found that learning to drive in Bedford met my expectations. My driving instructor was Joe Rizzi. His teaching methods were brilliant!

I would recommend ClickDrive to others because you helped me pass my driving test at a brilliant standard.

Dylan Alaster, Bedford 23rd May 2017

Our goal is to give you exactly what you ask us for...

We will:

  • Get you to test standard as quickly as possible
  • Minimise the amount of time you spend at the side of the road
  • Maximise the amount of driving you do on every driving lesson
  • Simplify the rules of the road to get you to test standard more quickly
  • Fill in your Progress Card on every lesson so you can see exactly where you are on your journey to the driving test
  • Give you a friendly, honest, professional driving instructor in your local area (no lazy, miserable, shouty bah-humbugs!!)
  • Coach you on any difficult sections of test routes
  • Make you familiar with driving test procedures so you will be less nervous on the day
  • Teach you as quickly as you are capable of learning
  • Teach you in a modern, clean, safe, reliable car
  • Actively seek your feedback so we know that we are doing our job properly and to your satisaction
  • Act in a professional manner at all times

We won't:

  • String-out your driving lessons in any way
  • Sell you any driving lessons that you don't need
  • Sit at the side of the road for any longer than necessary
  • Teach you stuff you don't need for your driving test
  • Turn up late and drop off early - you will get the FULL time you have paid for
  • Waste valuable driving lesson time with idle chit-chat
  • Cancel or rearrange your driving lessons unless absolutely necessary

We want to make you so happy with your driving lessons, you recommend us to all your friends!!

ClickDrive gave me a professional yet friendly service

The main reason I chose ClickDrive for my driving lessons in Bedford was because I wanted a driving school who had friendly driving instructors. It was also important to me that my driving instructor was flexible with the times for my driving lessons.

I was expecting learning to drive to be difficult, but I did get the hang of it after a few lessons. My driving instructor was Steve Bartley.

Steve's teaching methods were casual, which was beneficial to my learning as I didn't feel that I was being criticised for making mistakes. I felt supported with my driving instructor.

I would recommend ClickDrive to others, as I found it a professional yet friendly service.

Eleanor McEwan, Bedford 24th May 2017

We only take on driving instructors who are professional, punctual, organised, honest and hard-working. There is more to becoming a great driving instructor than just passing the exams!

Your driving instructor will have great communication skills and a good sense of humour!

Our driving instructors understand that you may be nervous, and they know how to put you at ease. They also know that driving lessons aren't cheap, and they will work really hard to get the most out of every driving lesson for you.

We will teach you to drive in an organised, logical way and encourage you to enjoy your driving lessons. We are always focussed on giving you the best value for money on every single driving lesson.

We want you to pass your driving test as quickly as you can, and we won't sell you a single driving lesson that you don't need.

At the end of every driving lesson, your driving instructor will record your progress on your personalised Progress Card. As you work through the course, you will be graded from 1-9 on 36 different driving subjects.

This will instantly give you a snapshot of:

  • how much progress you have made on that particular driving lesson
  • how much progress you have made to date
  • how many more driving lessons you are likely to need until you are ready for your driving test

Please click the icon below to download a scanned copy of a blank ClickDrive Pupil Progress Card

Download ClickDrive Pupil Progress Card.pdf

Kevin Simmons (Director, ClickDrive Ltd.)