How much does it cost to train?

You are not just investing in a training package; you are investing in a new career and a new lifestyle and once of the most successful driven instructor train courses anywhere in the local area.

We offer our driving instructor training on a pay-as- you-go basis, where you pay for the train by lesson. This is charged at £44 per hour. This way, you only pay for the lessons you need and you will not be sold any hours that you don’t need.

All of your trains will be on a 1:1 basis, we will not have more that one trainee in the car at any time. This means you will receive the full attention from your driving instructor trainer.

We will provide you with a training pack which includes all your study/teaching materials you will need for all the tests along with progress cards to keep a track of your training for £195

Realistically, you will be expecting to pay on the region of £2,000 - £3,000 to complete your driving instructor trying and qualify as a driving instructor.

In addition to the training costs, you will need to pay for:

  • Part 1 test - currently £81 ( you can have as many attempts as you need)
  • Part 2 test - Currently £111 ( you only have 3 attempts at this test)
  • Part 3 test - Currently £111 ( You only have 3 attempts at this test)
  • Your “Green Badge” at point of qualification will be directly paid to the government - Currently £300

We have many driving instructors currently working with ClickDrive who have paid large sums of money upfront to some of the national driving instructor training companies. Every single one of them had real problems getting the training they believed they had paid for.Most of them had to pay by the hour for a private instructor to get them though.

Common complaints include classroom training when they should have been on the road, 1 or even 2 fellow trainees in every on-road sessions, extreme difficulty in getting lessons booked….Nightmare!

I would be very happy to supply you with name and numbers so you can contact these instructors, and even suggest you do just that.

In addition, check out blogs & chatrooms for feedback and comments on how other people have fared with these ( and other) companies.

Whether you come to ClickDrive or not PLEASE don’t hand over a large chunk of cash to ANYONE!

A good, Pay-As-You-Go instructor who will goes you 1:1 training is the best way forward. If at any point you are to be unhappy, at least you can change school/instructors for the balance of your training (because you haven’t paid thousands in advance!).

It is essential that you check out your chosen training provider to see what the prospects of worker in your local area once you’ve qualified as a driving instructor. Even the national driving schools such as Red, AA and BSM have very limited presence in our local area, with only a few vehicle between them

ClickDrive currently operate in nine different towns across Herts, Beds and Buck and we have thirty qualified driving instructors working for us.

In todays market, a strong presence both online and in your local town in essential . Training providers will generally provide the earth, but look carefully at which driving school you see in your local town. If there are a lot of driving school cars. The driving instructors are generally very busy. This can only be a good thing!

Why do we have the edge?

  • We have full time, EXPERT driving instructors at our Bedford office to take and book calls during office hours
  • We promise to get the maximum progress for our pupils out of each and every lesson
  • We Promise to get our pupils to test standard in as few lessons as possible
  • We won’t see pupils any lessons they don’t need

We know leaning to drive isn’t cheap, so we try to offer the best possible value for money you can get. We want our pupils to be so happy with their ClickDrive experience that they recommend all their friends to us…. thats the secret to our growth!

If you think that a career as a driving instructor is right for you, then Contact us to find out more!